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Warmuth Family Propagation Garden

Warmuth Family Propagation Garden

The Warmuth Family Propagation Garden houses a shade structure, planting area and small greenhouse used to start, harden and protect young plants.  

Elaine and Leon Warmuth, Benefactors of the Warmuth Family Propagation Garden and owners of Leon’s Mufflers and Brakes are avid gardeners.

Elaine Warmuth was passed down the gardening life from her father who planted carnations and roses in the sandy soil of Samoa, California.  Elaine grows over 4,000 plants each year some of which she plants in her own garden with the rest going to friends and families.  She begins each year with growing sweat peas from seeds, chipping them in February.  Some of Elaine’s annual favorites include nemesia, sweet peas, pansies, violas, phlox, snapdragons, cosmos and schizanthus.  Elaine is also fond of deer-resistant marigolds, zinnias and candy tuff.

Leon Warmuth is an equally passionate vegetable gardener, growing twelve varieties of garlic at least, different varieties of potatoes, hot chili peppers for friends and three type of peas.

It is easy to see why the Warmuth name fits so well in front of the words “propagation garden”.