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Children’s Programs

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Children's Activity DayKEET KIDS at the Garden

HBGF has partnered with KEET-TV to create a series of monthly classes at the Humboldt Botanical Garden.  Classes meet from 10 am until noon on the second Thursday of every month.  They are geared for children 2 – 8.  Classes from this series are FREE.

PBS Kids:

Month: November 13, 2014

Theme: That Nutty Time of Year is Here!


Read: That Pup! By Lindsay Barrett George

Do: Make Your Own Plant Shapes (Gardener’s Guide page 56)

PBS Kids:

Month: December 11, 2014

Theme: Slippery Slimey Sluggy


Read: How To Teach a Slug to Read by Susan Pearson

Do: Oobly Goop Banana Slugs,

PBS Kids:

Month:  January 8, 2015

Theme:  Oooo Baby It’s Cold Outside

View: “Nature – Emperor Cam”

Read:   Snowmen All Year and Birds

Do:       Play with fake snow, Make and hang bird feeders in the garden

Month: February 12. 2015

Theme:  A Long Winter’s Nap (Hibernation


Read:     If You Were a Panda Bear

Do:   Going on a Bear Hunt in the Garden

Month: March 12, 2014

Theme:  One Potato Two Potato


Read:    Up, Down, and Around

Do:       Plant 2 Potatoes:  1. in the KEET Kids Garden and  2. in a cup to take home

Month: April 9, 2015

Theme: GART for Sale!  (Garden+Art=Gart!)


Read:     I Spy Shapes in Art

Do:        Help make various garden art items that will be sold at the upcoming HBGF plant sale

Month: May 14, 2014

Theme:  April Showers Bring May Flowers


Read:     Grow Flower Grow!

Do:        Plant a flower to take home and lots to grow in the KEET Kids plot

Month: June 11, 2015

Theme:  Do You Want to Know a Secret?


Read:     Plant Secrets

Do:    Sort several varieties of beans. Plant some for home and lots for the KEET Kids plot

Month: July 9, 2015

Theme: Bringing in the Harvest


Read:     Y is for Yum, Yum, Yum !

Do:   Harvest the vegetables we have planted, Compost leaves and plants

Keep checking in!  More HumBot Kids classes, events & online activities are on their way!

If you have ideas for classes or are interested in teaching a class contact us.