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Moss Family Temperate Woodland Garden

All Rights Reserved* Image by David Kenworthy

Wollemi Pine“…until1994 Wollemia was known only from fossils, dating from 120 million years ago. Then a group of 30 or so turned up at the bottom of a canyon in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. They were growing alongside flowering trees by a stream… Finding Wollemia was not quite like finding Tyrannosaurus rex, but it is conceptually similar.” (Secret Life of Trees, Collin Tudge)

Discover the Wollemi Pine Wollemia nobilis in the Moss Family Temperate Woodland Garden at the Humboldt Botanical Garden.  The garden’s endangered specimen was planted at the top of the Paul Ruiz Iris Douglasiana Reserve.  The Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation proudly preserves rare and native species in its gardens.

Paul Ruiz Iris Douglasiana Reserve

Photo by Tim Walsh, HBGF Rhododendron Expert

There are many micro-climates within the Humboldt Botanical Garden.  Tucked within a bowl, slightly inland and up in elevation, the Moss Temperate Woodland Garden is protected from the coastal winds to which the Dedekam Ornamental Terrace Garden or the Lost Coast Brewery Native Plant Garden are exposed.  The temperature at the Moss Temperate Woodland Garden can be as much as ten degrees warmer than the lower, more exposed gardens.  The above group of factors allow temperate plants to thrive on the coast.

There is an extensive Rhododendron Collection within the Moss Family Temperate Woodland Garden.

The HBGF Education Series presents lectures on the Rhododendrons of the Humboldt Botanical Garden throughout the year.

Himalayan Poppy

Mild temperatures, wet winters and dry cool summers define our temperate climate.  Temperate plants from cactus and palms to poppies and tender Rhododendrons thrive up down the coast and in the Moss Family Temperate Woodland Garden.

June & Tim Walsh, Benefactors of the Walsh Family Gathering in the Moss Family Temperate Woodland Garden have generously cared for the temperate garden and its Rhododendrons since its conception.

Larry Moss, Former HBGF President & Benefactor of the Moss Family Temperate Woodland Garden

Larry Moss

The Moss Family Temperate Woodland Garden was named after Larry Moss (1934-2006), former HBGF President, lover of Rhododendrons & benefactor of the Humboldt Botanical Garden.

Mercer-Fraser Company was a major contributor in materials, expert labor, project management and funding for this project.