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Peter Santino’s “All Happy Now” Earth Sculpture

All Happy Now

Peter Santino’s “All Happy Now” Earth Sculpture is a merger of two ancient landscape architectural features, the ziggurat and the labyrinth, and a mathematical equation named Fermat’s Spiral. Utilizing computer software Fermat’s spiral was input, drafted and then extruded. The construction of the 67′ diameter earth and grass ziggurat was largely done by hand. There are two unique, non-intersecting quarter mile pathways which take the walker to the center and back down and out the opposite side of the sculpture entered.  Although first and foremost a work of art, the sculpture is interactive and is utilized as a labyrinth.  You are invited to take your shoes off and enjoy the tactile and meditative experience of following Fermat’s spiral labyrinth-ziggurat up to its center.

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Peter Santino at the Garden Gala, Right

I am a great admirer of ancient mounds and ziggurats and this design has allowed me to make a beautiful work that can either be appreciated from afar or near while actually walking on it.  Rather than a sculptural object to only be observed, “All Happy Now” is intended to be walked on in the manner of the meditation labyrinths found in churches and cathedrals.  Its slowly rising ramps and balanced symmetry of the yin yang design aid in the goal of it being a machine for creating personal happiness. -Peter Santino

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