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Heather Collection

Heather GardenHeathers, even though they are not native, are amazingly well-adapted to our climate.  They have few pests, few foragers, and low fertilizer and water needs once established.  They like a little pruning and, once in a while, a shot of fertilizer and compost.  They are low key plants.  And they give you something different to look at all year long.  They are long lived.  -Maria Krenek

Most of the Humboldt Botanical Garden Heather Collection sits adjacent to the Dedekam Ornamental Terrace Garden in the Heather Garden.  The 54′ x 13′ heather garden was designed by Maria Krenek, former HBGF President and owner of Glenmar Heather Nursery.  Glenmar Heather Nursery in Bayside, California was responsible for propagating all of the heather plants included in the heather garden.

Heathers are deer proof and provide year round color.  They are acid loving and combine nicely with azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons.  Appropriately, part of the HBG Heather Collection is housed in the Moss Family Temperate Woodland Garden.

Printable Heather Collection Plant List