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Sara’s Garden

Sara Goosby

Sara Goosby, Sara’s Garden’s Namesake

Garden Description:  An intimate, perennial garden located just above the Dedekam Ornamental Terrace Garden that is approached by a long, vine-covered pergola walkway.  The pergola is an eye catching architectural feature and focal point in the garden and remains a special naming opportunity.  The garden and pergola walkway are enveloped by flowering shrubs and perennial plantings.  Sara’s Garden is sure to be one of the Humboldt Botanical Garden’s most charming and popular gardens.

Phase 1 Project Description:  This garden has substantial architectural and hardscape elements. Fundraising is ongoing and monies donated may specifically go to this project upon request.  In kind donations including framing, pouring and forming concrete retaining/seating wall; metal framework for pergola and substantial wooden posts to support the pergola; skilled carpentry, irrigation systems, and operating equipment labor, earth moving site work, irrigation system components and plans, soil analysis and amendment, plants, mulch, etc. are welcome.  A future operations budget for maintaining this labor intensive, perennial garden will also be evaluated and included in the overall budget for building the project.


 Tree Prunus ‘y. ‘Akebono’
Arbor Vine Clematis spp.
Arbor Vine Jasminum polyanthum
Arbor Vine Rosa banksiae
Arbor Vine Rosa ‘Albertine’
Arbor Vine Wisteria spp.
Perennial 1st Row Begonia grandis
Perennial 1st Row Hemerocallis fulva
Perennial 1st Row Dianthus spp.
Perennial 1st Row Francoa ramosa
Perennial 1st Row Gentiana septemfida
Perennial 1st Row Geranium maculatum ‘Album’
Perennial 1st Row Geranium magnificum
Perennial 1st Row Viola odorata
Perennial 2nd Row Aster novi-belgii
Perennial 2nd Row Dierama pulcherrimum
Perennial 2nd Row Heliotropium arborscens
Perennial 2nd Row Impatiens sultani
Perennial 2nd Row Iris siberica
Perennial 2nd Row Lavandula spp.
Perennial 2nd Row Mathiola spp.
Cutting Garden Achillea taygetea
Cutting Garden Agastache cvs.
Cutting Garden Alstromeria aurea
Cutting Garden Amaranthus caudatus
Cutting Garden Anemone hybrida ‘Honorie Jobert’
Cutting Garden Freesia spp.
Cutting Garden Helianthus maximillianii
Cutting Garden Monarda didymia
Cutting Garden Narcissus spp.
Cutting Garden Paeonia Tree Peopny
Cutting Garden Reseda Odorata – annual
Cutting Garden Rudbeckia spp.

A few of Sara’s Garden’s Plants will be available at the HBGF Spring Plant Sale

Printable Sara’s Garden Plant List