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Bob and I have supported the dream of the Humboldt Botanical Garden because it offers a hope for preservation and appreciation of our natural environment as well as an educational and spiritual opportunity to create more beauty and to save and catalog botanical species of interest and integrity. -Lynn Wells, Bob & Lynne Wells Pathway

Your generous gift helps to create a public display of documented native and exotic plants adapted to the local climate in a planned landscape that provides an educational, aesthetic, and tranquil experience for visitors. The garden works to advance global plant conservation efforts, horticultural, botanical, and ecological knowledge; propagation and dispersal of adapted plants; and community education and development. Sustainable practices protect and conserve resources and enhance habitat for the local creatures.

It takes nearly $150,000 each year to keep the garden open, growing and beautiful. The Humboldt Botanical Gardens Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. It survives by donations, sponsorships, grants, admissions and memberships. HBGF receives no direct, regular government support.

Making in kind or financial donations, including HBGF in your estate planning, volunteering, partnering in events or becoming a corporate sponsor are all important means of giving that further support the achievements of the Humboldt Botanical Garden.

What Your Giving Will Support:

  • Daily Upkeep of Gardens Including Materials, Staff & Weeding
  • HBGF Education Series Classes Range from Horticulture, Botany & Wildlife to Gardening, Floral Design, Landscape Design & Art
  • Kids Classes will cover topics like Science, Art, Architecture and Gardening
  • Garden Interpretation Project
  • Expanded Hours: Beginning this Spring
  • Curriculum Development for School Field Trips
  • Sara’s Garden: An intimate perennial garden located just above the Dedekam that is approached by a long vine-covered pergola walkway and surrounded by flowering shrubs and perennial plantings. The pergola is an eye catching architectural feature and focal point in the garden and remains a special naming opportunity. This garden has substantial architectural and hardscape elements. Fundraising is ongoing and monies donated may specifically go to this project upon request.

Join us in maintaining the existing gardens and programs and growing the garden.